Tips For Reducing Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity has become a common health problem which is affecting many people. There are different symptoms which are associated with this problem including dry eye, intolerance for a blight light, eye discomfort which affects the closing and opening of the eyes and computer vision syndrome. This is an eye condition which affects a large population of the American people. Again, light sensitivity is a condition which does not discriminate one’s race, national origin, and gender.

This is a problem can affect anyone.One of the most important things that need to be considered when it comes to its diagnosis is consulting an eye care physician. This physician will examine your eyes to establish if there is any other medical condition which is associated with your condition. The following are the effective tips which are useful in treating light sensitivity

Consider your diet

There are some foods which are known for aggravating the symptoms associated with light sensitivity. Some of the foods which you should avoid include sweet desserts, junk foods, red meat and some types of dairy products.

Avoid certain types of medications

This is another additional step for reducing your sensitivity to light. There are some medications which can worsen the symptoms associated with light sensitivity. Some of the prescription medications that should be avoided include cold medications, antihistamines and other forms of medications which are meant for treating allergies. These medications make your light sensitivity condition to become worse.

Eat nutritious foods

You are advised to include fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet. These foods are loaded with essential antioxidants which support vision health. These antioxidants are helpful in maintaining the healthiness of your eyesight as well as neutralizing the free radicals which are the leading causes of eye conditions and eye diseases. These antioxidants include selenium, copper and Vitamins C, E, B12, and A.

Careful eye examination

Sensitivity to light is a common problem in the American society. The symptoms associated with the condition are annoying. A comprehensive eye examination should be done by a medical doctor or an eye care physician to establish the underlying medical condition which is associated with your problem. This is a critical step which will help in reducing the symptoms related to this condition. Getting rid of the various symptoms and discomfort of light sensitivity will ensure that you in enjoying all, the fun activities with your friends and family relatives. Taking care of your eyes will help in getting rid of the various eye ailments.